Eclipse Collection - CPRN Homood

Eclipse Collection

Eclipse is a CPRN Homood furniture collection, characterized by a minimalist contemporary and elegant design.
Every stylistic choice is oriented to lightness; the lines are clean, the furniture’s body is raised from the floor thanks to cone-shaped elements which give strength and dynamism to the items, the metal complements highlight the verticality of this model.
The choice of the material is subject to great attention: the thermo-treated oak and the burnished brass metal finish give a warm and textured feeling, while White Carrara Marble, used on tops, creates interesting colour combinations and emphasizes the furniture luxury.
The contemporary value of Eclipse design is also perceivable in the soft furniture, characterized by the strong contrast of colour between beige and black, which generates, as a result, a formal but at the same time spectacular effect.





“And everything under the sun is in tune but the sun is eclipsed by the moon”
(Eclipse – Pink Floyd)