Find carefully crafted wood and perfectly balanced finishes, unique stitchings and inlays, precious leathers. Reveal in architecture, design and art that brilliantly combine contemporary style and timeless objects. Enjoy simple luxury, warm sophisticated product that ensures all is always as it should be.

Artisanal Footprint

All raw materials, from the precious wooden veneers to the most valuable marble, are selected with the utmost care and perfectly processed by the Italian artisans thanks to their highest skills, that is carried out with a deep care and devotion, always in respect of the traditional guidelines.

CPRN Homood design has a strong contemporary character. All the furniture collection aim to create a smooth and refined style, able to fully meet the most modern functional requirements and the aesthetic taste.

Harmonic and Refined Environments

The artisanal production process, that distinguishes CPRN Homood, allows the creation of custom-made furniture, in measurements, finishing and upholsteries.

CPRN Homood can realize furniture for private residences, as well as for commercial spaces, luxurious hotels and guarantees a unique furniture setting, based on client’s taste and desires.

The main aim of CPRN Homood is to offer a highest Italian quality and made to measurements service, to create the perfect space for the client.

CPRN Showroom

Our totally dedicated CPRN Homood Showroom will let you immerse in a uniquely captivating atmosphere, where modernity is expressed through stimulating textures and style.

CPRN In The World

Head Office

Via Valdera P. 103
56038 Ponsacco
Pisa – Italy
Tel: +39 0587 731307
Fax: +39 0587 733448

CPRN Milano

Via Filippo Turati, 2
Milano – Italy
Tel: 02 62087958